Diagnosing HAE (Hereditary Angio Edema): Where can we go from here?

We invite you to watch this symposium as a video on demand. This event was originally livestreamed during the first virtual APAAACI 2021 International Conference.

What is our current understanding of effective treatment options for patients with hereditary angioedema? Important information on this topic was provided during the Sponsored Satellite Symposium 7 titled "Diagnosing HAE: Where can we go from here?", with the particiation of Hilary Longhurst (Chair),Henriette Farkas, and Yu-Xiang Zhi as presenters This symposium was livestreamed on 17 October 2021 during the Asia Pacific Association of Allergy, Asthma and Clinical Immunology (APAAACI) International Congress.

With a wonderful mix of outstanding international and regional faculty, and topic-specific sessions, both as live and on-demand sessions, the conference provided an excellent combination of the latest advances in clinical, research and problem-based learning in allergy, asthma and clinical immunology.

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