Singapore Hepatology Conference 2021

SHC 2021 Online ConferenceSingapore Hepatology Conference

The premier liver meeting providing clinically-focused updates to medical professionals on the prevention and treatment of liver diseases

31st May - 4th June 2021, free daily Livestreams 1.30 - 3.30 pm (CET)

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Welcome Address from Prof. Seng Gee Lim, Conference Chairman

Dear Colleagues,

This year, as vaccinations for COVID-19 roll out across the world, SHC 2021 Online Conference will be held over 5 evenings, from 31st May to 4th June from 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm (CET). As usual, SHC 2021 Online Conference will deliver short and focused clinical updates, debates and case studies with plenty of opportunity to raise questions with the Experts.

Thanks to our generous sponsors, SHC 2021 Online Conference will be free of charge.

We look forward to seeing you all at SHC 2021 Online Conference.

With best wishes

  • Prof. Seng Gee Lim
    Conference Chairman.
    Singapore Hepatology Conference

  • All medical professionals, whether a general practitioner or a specialist, will benefit from attending the SHC Online Conference for the latest Clinical Updates.

    Join us for clinical updates on:

    • Chronic Hepatitis B
    • HCC
    • Advance Liver Disease
    • NAFLD
    • And Other Hot Topics in Hepatology

Scientific Programme

In this online conference, an international panel of world-renowned medical experts will provide state-of-the-art information on strategies and treatments against liver diseases.

Download SHC 2021 Online Conference Preliminary Scientific Programme as PDF.

  • May 31
    1.25 pm
  • Day 1 Livestream Chronic Hepatitis B

    1.25 pm Opening Comments and Introduction to Digital SHC
    – Prof. Seng Gee Lim

    1.30 pm Stop or Continue Nuc Therapy
    – Prof. Pietro Lampertico

    1.50 pm HBV Flares and ACLF – When to Transplant?
    – Dr James Fung

    2.10 pm Combination Therapies for CHB Functional Cure
    – Prof. Edward Gane

    2.30 pm Immunosuppression in CHB – How to Manage between Low Dose Steroids and New Biologics
    – Prof. Teerha Piratvisuth

    2.50 pm Debate: Using qHBsAg for Routine Practice – Ready for Prime Time? : Yes VS No
    – Prof. Henry Chan vs Prof. Robert Gish

    3.10 pm Q & A

  • June 1
    1.30 pm
  • Day 2 Livestream HCC

    1.30 pm Landscape of HCC Epidemiology in Asia
    – Prof. Mindie Nguyen

    1.50 pm Current Controversies in HCC Screening
    – Prof. Hashem El-Serag

    Local Regional Management of Small HCC – 3 perspectives

    2.10 pm Locoregional Therapy
    – Prof. Kwang-Hyub Han

    2.25 pm Resection
    – Prof. Pierce Chow

    2.40 pm Liver Transplantation
    – Dr Glenn Bonney

    2.55 pm The Future of Systemic Therapy in HCC – Which Combinations are Likely to be Successful?
    – Prof. Richard Finn

    3.15 pm Debate: Management of Interediate HCC: Locoregional Therapy Should be the Option of Choice vs Systemic Therapy Should be the Option of Choice
    – Dr Albert Chi Yan Chan vs Prof. Amit Singal

    3.45 Q & A

  • June 2
    1.30 pm
  • Day 3 Livestream Advanced Liver Disease

    1.30 pm Portal Hypertension & ß Blockers
    – Prof. Florence Wong

    1.50 pm Non-Cirrhotic Portal Hypertension
    – Dr Yogesh Chawla

    2.10 pm Refractory Ascites and IV Albumin: What’s the correct ANSWER?
    – Dr Kosh Agarwal

    2.30 pm Management of Complex Variceal Bleeding – An Update
    – Dr Andres Cardenas

    2.50 pm Debate: Chronic Portal Vein Thrombosis in Cirrhosis – Anticoagulated or Not?
    – Prof. Guadalupe Garcia-Tsao vs Prof. Patrick G. Northup

    3.10 pm Q & A

  • June 3
    1.30 pm
  • Day 4 Livestream NAFLD

    1.30 pm MAFLD vs NAFLD
    – Prof. Jacob George

    1.50 pm Lifestyle Modification in NASH: Success or Failure?
    – Prof. Wah Kheong Chan

    2.10 pm NASH in 2021
    – Prof. Vincent Wong

    2.30 pm Gut Microbiome and NAFLD: Clinical Implications
    – Prof. Rohit Loomba

    2.50 pm Debate: NASH Management – Treat the Liver or Treat the Metabolic Syndrome
    – Prof. Philip Newsome vs Prof Arun Sanyal

    3.20 pm Q & A

  • June 4
    1.30 pm
  • Day 5 Livestream Hot Topics in Hepatology

    1.30 pm Therapeutic Options for Cholestatic and Autoimmune Liver Diseas
    – Prof. Michael Manns

    1.50 pm Non-Invasive Evaluation of Liver Fibrosis
    – Prof. Vincent Wong

    2.10 pm Management of COVID-19 in Those with Liver Disease, and Recommendations for Vaccination
    – Prof. Rajender Reddy

    2.30 pm Q & A

    2.50 pm Closing comments
    – Prof. Seng Gee Lim

This program is being supported by means of an unrestricted educational grant by Gilead Sciences Inc.