Global Outbreak Update: Confirmed case of monkeypox in Dallas, USA

The IHR National Focal Point for the USA notified PAHO/WHO of the imported case. As of 27 July 2021 the patient is hospitalized.

  1. Isolation and treatment of the patient. 
  2. The US CDC and state and local health departments are monitoring possible community and health care contacts with the case-patient. 
  3. The US CDC is working with the airline and state and local health officials to contact airline passengers who shared a common seating area with the patient during his travel from Nigeria and within the USA.
  4. Health personnel involved in the patient’s care have been wearing appropriate personal protective equipment.
  1. Any illness during travel in an endemic area or upon return should be reported to a health professional. 
  2. Residents and travellers to endemic countries should avoid contact with sick, dead or live animals that could harbor monkeypox virus (rodents, marsupials, primates) and should refrain from eating or handling wild game (bush meat). 
  3. The importance of hand hygiene using soap and water, or alcohol-based sanitizer should be emphasized.
  4. A patient with monkeypox should be isolated during the infectious period, just prior to and including the rash stage of the infection until all lesions have crusted and fallen off.
  5. Health workers caring for patients with suspected or confirmed monkeypox should implement standard, contact and droplet infection control precautions.
  6. WHO does not recommend any restriction for travel to, or trade with, Nigeria or the USA based on available information at this time.

More information on this update here. For more information about the disease,including latest news, research, fact sheets and training, please visit the dedicated WHO Monkeypox Portal.

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