Guidelines Update: Synovitis in Hemophilia

The Musculoskeletal Working Group on Hemophilia brought together experts to develop guidelines about "Synovitis in Hemophilia". The determination of the trough level, i.e. the factor level immediately before the next injection, and patient adherence are relevant for prophylaxis.

Experts provide advice on the treatment of chronic synovitis

The Musculoskeletal Working Group on Hemophilia brought together the experts in the field in order to develop guidelines about "Synovitis in Hemophilia" and how to successfully prevent chronic synovitis and ensure that patients receive early care. The determination of the through level, i.e. the factor level immediately before the next injection, as well as the patient adherence, is relevant for the prophylaxis necessary for prevention. The core results of the guideline "Synovitis in Hemophilia" are listed next.

Prevention of chronic synovitis: permanent treatment

Acute synovitis therapy

Chronic synovitis therapy


"Dr. Hans-Hermann Brackmann from the Hemophilia Centre at the University of Bonn appeals to the participants of the session: "Synovitis must be treated at an early stage. The aim of prophylactic treatment of hemophilia must be to prevent the development of chronic synovitis. With the extended half-lives of factor preparations and the associated increase in patient adherence through fewer injections with the same trough levels, there is now hope for successful prevention.

Brackmann, H.H. (Berlin). MIS18-5 Synovitis from the point of view of an experienced 
hemostaseology. IN: 10:00 - 11:30 MIS 18 Musculoskeletal Working Group Hemophilia. What did I learn from the guideline "Synovitis in Hemophilia"? 63rd Annual Meeting of the Society of Thrombosis and Haemostasis Research, Berlin, Germany. 27 Feb. - 2 Mar. 2019.

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