Recovery Plan, a healthcare mission (part 1)

The latest version of the "Recovery Plan" allocates approximately € 20 billion to the "healthcare mission". The central point of the project is to strengthen and redesign territorial healthcare.

€ 20 billion to improve healthcare in Italy

The latest version of the draft "Recovery Plan" allocates approximately 20 billion euros to the "healthcare mission". The central point of the project is to strengthen and redesign territorial healthcare. The main place where patients are treated will have to be their homes. A revolution made possible by telemedicine and integrated home care.

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The National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Piano Nazionale di Ripresa e Resilienza, PNRR or Recovery Plan) is the investment programme that Italy must present to the European Commission as part of the Next Generation EU.

In order to restart Europe after the COVID-19 pandemic, the European Union approved the Next Generation EU, also known as the "Recovery Fund". This special fund is intended to support the economic recovery of European countries over the next three years. The total allocation exceeds 700 billion euros, which will be used to finance the structural reform projects set out in the National Reform Plans of each country. All Member States will have to submit their Recovery Plans to the European Commission by 30 April 2021.

The draft NRP is divided into 6 macro-missions:

  1. digitisation, innovation, competitiveness and culture (46.3 billion)
  2. Green revolution and ecological transition (69.8 billion)
  3. infrastructure for sustainable mobility (31.9 billion)
  4. Education and research (€28.4 billion)
  5. inclusion and social (€27.6 billion)
  6. Health (€19.7 billion)

The 'health' mission, in turn, has two main strands:

The total budget of €19.7 billion will be divided between the two clusters: €7.9 billion for the former, €11.8 billion for the latter.

The green and digital aspects of the health mission

The Recovery Plan has an approach that takes great account of the 'green' and 'digital' aspects of the projects. In fact, not only does it devote the first two missions entirely to them, but it also imprints every investment and strategy on them.

The health mission generally contributes to the development of the "green transition" through

The healthcare mission generally contributes to the development of the digital transition

The investment will contribute to the creation of an infrastructure for the collection of useful data to be analysed through artificial intelligence and machine learning processes. In this sense, it will contribute to the strengthening of digital investments in the country, making the information infrastructure interconnectable and easily accessible. Artificial intelligence systems, through big data and machine learning, will provide support to practitioners, decision makers and enable patients to receive the necessary care at home in a timely manner. The home will be the first place of care, personalised and patient-friendly care.

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Draft Recovery Plan "Mission 6 - Healthcare. M6C1 - Proximity networks, facilities and telemedicine for territorial healthcare assistance. M6C2 - Innovation, research and digitalisation of national healthcare service".