Recurrent endometrial cancer: Which therapy for whom?

Recurrent endometrial carcinoma is associated with a 5-year survival rate of 20-25%. How can longer and progression-free survival be achieved?

Treatment paths for recurrent endometrial carcinoma

Recurrent endometrial cancer: what is the prognosis?

In general, recurrent endometrial cancer is associated with a 5-year survival rate of around 20 to 25 per cent. However, new studies suggest more favourable outcomes as a result of improved treatment options, which may lead to a longer PFS and longer survival times.

Patients without previous chemotherapy: how to treat?

There are various treatment approaches for patients with recurrent endometrial cancer:

And what to do after chemotherapy?

If the patient has already undergone platinum-containing chemotherapy and recurrences still occur, the procedure changes slightly.

There is hope on better outcomes

There are updated treatment recommendations for patients with recurrent endometrial cancer. Depending on the receptor status and previous therapy, there are different treatment paths. In general, patients should also be included in clinical trials where possible. The overall prognosis is still rather negative, but new therapeutic approaches offer improved outcomes in terms of PFS and OS.

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