Self-learning algorithm to relieve diabetes patients from therapeutic decisions

French company Diabeloop SA now operates on the German market as Diabeloop GmbH as it expands its international operations. They aim to offer innovative technologies for the management of type-1 diabetes.

French diabetes company Diabeloop enters the German market

The French company Diabeloop SA now operates on the German market as Diabeloop GmbH and takes a further step towards expanding its international market operations. The aim of Diabeloop GmbH is to offer innovative technologies for the management of type-1 diabetes in Germany as swiftly as possible.

Following the French pre-launch of DBLG1, preparations for early market entry in Germany are in full swing. Germany-based patients with type-1 diabetes will also have access to the automation and personalization of type-1 diabetes management through Diabeloop's hybrid closed-loop system. The self-learning algorithm should relieve affected patients of numerous therapeutic decisions.

Establishment of an advisory board of diabetes experts and psychologists 

In order to optimally manage its planned market presence in Germany, Diabeloop is currently expanding its German team under the leadership of Dr. Christian Krey and is now operating as Diabeloop GmbH in the country. With the opening of the German branch in Siegen, developments are progressing in line with the planned market launch. At the same time, discussions are underway with private and statutory health insurance companies about reimbursement options.

In addition, the German team around Dr. Christian Krey is working with experts to establish an advisory board in Germany. This board will be composed of diabetes experts from clinics and practices as well as psychologists, and it will be intensively involved in a planned Diabeloop research program.

Leaving the decision-making authority to the patients

"We are in close contact with renowned experts throughout Germany and are pleased that our work in the newly opened German branch will benefit from the valuable experience and expertise of our Advisory Board, which we are building up," said Dr. Krey.

"Innovative therapies are particularly crucial for self-determined diabetes management. DBLG1 from Diabeloop is forward-looking not least because it enables autonomous diabetes management. Patients with type-1 diabetes are around 2 hours in the target area every day, according to the SP7 study. In addition, data protection is implemented in an exemplary manner, with the patient having the power of decision", explains Dr. Andreas Lueg, specialist for internal medicine and diabetology at the L1 Diabetes Center in Hameln.

German study centers and hospitals to be integrated into international studies

Some of the planned studies are to be conducted in Germany and involve German study centers and clinics engaged in international research. A study for adolescents with type-1 diabetes is to be initiated this year.

"We look forward to our next steps in Germany. With the DBLG1, they bring us closer to our goal of providing people with type-1 diabetes in Germany with a personalized system for autonomous diabetes management and at the same time relieving them of the psychological burden of having to make over thirty therapeutic decisions in 24 hours. They should all be able to lead a life without interruptions," says Marc Julien, Co-CEO of Diabeloop.