The War in Ukraine: How Can We Help as Physicians?

Humanitarian aid is needed as basic subsistance is in jeopardy for many. Non-profit organizations mobilized to ensure all donations reach their destination.

Ukraine: Here's how you can help now

Article translated and adapted from the original German version

The people of Ukraine fear for their lives. Russian troops started attacking the country on Thursday, February 24, 2022, and the population is facing a war it cannot escape. Many spent the night in underground metro stations in cities or in basements. Even the capital of Kiev is under fire. Experts expect this to be only the beginning of a crisis lasting for months, perhaps years, during which structures of supply will collapse and many people will lose their lives. An influx of refugees is to be expected, as well as shortages of medical supplies. Humanitarian aid is needed. How can we help?

The medical peace organization IPPNW (International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War) teamed up with other civil society organizations, including Campact, Verdi, BUND, Seebrücke and Friends of Nature, to organize a rally against the war in Ukraine on February 27 in Berlin. As early as February 24, the peace organization issued a press release condemning Russia's war against Ukraine and urging the German government to continue diplomatic efforts to end the conflict.

The release quotes its chairman, Lars Pohlmeier, MD, as saying, "The war might spill over into wider Europe or escalate into a nuclear conflict. All the more important it is now, still, to return to diplomacy and negotiations. A policy that takes the other side's security interests into account as much as its own is the only one that can lead to de-escalation, détente and peace!"

Donations to IPPNW can be made at this link.

Help secure healthcare in Ukraine by making a donation!

The medical aid organization medeor is now preparing to deliver relief supplies to Ukraine. According to Sid Peruvemba, board spokesman of action medeor, there are already reports of serious conditions in Ukrainian hospitals. Donations can be made to the action medeor account:

Sparkasse Krefel
IBAN: DE78 3205 0000 0000 0099 93
Reference "UKRAINE"

Alternatively, you may use this link.

Additional donations in cash and kind can be made through these aid organizations

The action alliance Zukunft Donbass e.V. (AK ZukunftDonbass) has been providing humanitarian aid in the crisis region since 2016. Donations in kind such as medical equipment for clinics in Donbass can also be made to the organization. Cash donations should be transferred directly to the organization’s account:

Sparkasse Wartburg
IBAN: DE18 8405 5050 0012 0411 81

Alternatively, you may go through

Regardless of the current situation, the international aid organization Doctors Without Borders e.V. is already represented in Ukraine. Ways to donate can be found on their homepage following this link.