Why did diabetes incidence in children increased during the corona pandemic?

A new meta-analysis showed the pediatric diabetes incidence spike during the pandemic. Despite a few theories, there are no conclusive explanations for this.

Development of paediatric diabetes during the pandemic

How much has the incidence of paediatric diabetes diagnoses increased?

While an annual increase in paediatric diabetes diagnoses of around 2% to 3% was recorded in pre-pandemic years, the figures for the first two years of the corona pandemic were 16% and 23% - i.e. significantly higher than before.

Why is there such a drastic increase?

The reason for this significant increase in incidence has not yet been conclusively clarified. However, there are a few theories considered:

The cause remains unclear

While these possible hypotheses are exciting, it is ultimately not yet clear where the significantly higher incidence of paediatric diabetes comes from. The reason for the increased incidence of diabetes in children during the coronavirus pandemic has not yet been conclusively clarified. However, the data offer novel gaps for further research.

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