Genetic mutations pave the way to targeted therapy

In metastasised or relapsed Ewing sarcoma, therapeutic success is often difficult to achieve. According to a study, this could be due to different biomarker variants.

What you should know about the Ewing sarcoma study:

Biomarker constellation has influence on therapy success

When metastatic or recurrent Ewing sarcoma fails to achieve sufficient therapeutic success, it may have something to do with the underlying biomarkers, according to the latest study. The biomarker constellation is influenced by different signalling pathways that are up- or down-regulated.

Two different subgroups

Ultimately, Ewing sarcoma can be divided into two different subgroups:

The primary tumour and the metastases can have different constellations and thus belong to different groups.

What should be considered in the therapy of Ewing sarcoma?

The composition of tumour biomarkers may vary in the same patient. Nevertheless, this should be taken into account for therapy planning, as it has an influence on the effectiveness of IGF1R and WEE1 inhibition. Regular biopsies are therefore recommended.


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