The ERC Guidelines 2021: Post-resuscitation care (Part 6/7)

The ERC 2021 guidelines on post-resuscitation care contain major updates to the 2015 version on coronary angiography, blood pressure target, seizure treatment, temperature control, and other topics.

Eight guideline areas have undergone major updates since 2015

The ERC 2021 Guidelines on post-resuscitation care contain an extensive update from the 2015 version. Topics covered in the 2021 update include post-cardiac arrest syndrome, diagnosis of causes of arrest, oxygenation and ventilation, coronary reperfusion, haemodynamic monitoring and management, control of seizures, temperature control, general intensive care management, prognostication, long-term outcome, rehabilitation, and organ donation.

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In 2015, the European Resuscitation Council (ERC) and the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM) collaborated to produce their first joint guidelines for post-resuscitation care, which were co-published in the journal Resuscitation and Intensive Care Medicine. The most important innovations in the ERC 2021 Guidelines for post-resuscitation care include:


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Always post-ROSC

Diagnostics in the emergency department according to ROSC


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The ERC 2021 Guidelines present a major update on cardiopulmonary resuscitation and provide the most up-to-date evidence-based procedures for citizens (lay professionals), healthcare professionals and health policy makers across Europe. The ERC Guidelines 2021 can be downloaded here: New ERC Guidelines.

An overview of the most important ECR Guidelines 2021 changes is available in this esanum article series:

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